Fix or Olpair or Openload Pair Kodi Error

It is such a common thing where people used to experience the fun of Kodi on devices. At the same time, there is an issue that stands tall and starts to offer a lot of stream authorization errors. This kind of issue can be experienced by most of the Kodi users. It is considered to be one of the most common errors on Kodi which is named as Olpair or Openload Pair kodi error. Usually, it makes the user to feel irritated that whenever appears on the screen while watching favorites movies or TV shows. However, it can be easily solved it and experience the smooth run.

What is Olpair Kodi Error?

In general, most of the Kodi users have already stated that olpair error is appearing regularly while started streaming. For information, is said to be one of the biggest database servers which are containing a vast collection of Movies, TV shows, and other videos. In day to day common life, streaming the movies and videos has become common among people. At the same time, handling this task which is a big request has become tough for a server.

In terms of preventing the resources from misusing, most of the developers have started requesting to watch olpair videos by just pairing a device. In case, if paired the device with, then it is possible to access the available videos for only 4 hours. After the completion of 4 hours, then the authorization will soon get to expire and it requires again pairing with server for the smooth usage. In order to sort out this issue, there are different methods to be followed for fixing the Olpair Kodi error.

How to Fix Olpair Kodi Stream Authorization Error

There are different and simple methods which are available for the Kodi users to check out and make use of it. Here, we can find different methods to fix the olpair or openload pair error. Let’s have a look.

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Method 1

Fix Olpair ( Kodi error by configuring URL Resolver

The Kodi users are often experiencing the huge collection of add-ons but still facing the disabling captcha could be a dreary thing. But the thing is it can be sorted with URL Resolver. It helps to obtain the stuff from the internet. When it comes to ignoring the respective providers, it requires the modification in the settings. Generally, the availability of every add-on using URL Resolver for obtaining the respective content and no add-ons will display blocked providers. This alternate way will help to fix https olpair com error.

Steps to follow for configuring the URL resolver (Fix

  • First of all, visit the Settings and System Settings then Change to expert mode.
  • Below Add-on header, choose to manage dependency, then URL resolver and tap Configure.
  • Now, the list of providers will be showing depends on the already streamed providers.
  • Choose the providers and click the option Disable then restart Kodi. Now, check whether the video streams are happening.

These are the main steps that required to be followed while fixing olpair (https// Kodi error. This simple method can be used for stream authorization olpair error at any time.

Method 2

How To Fix Olpair Using Captcha Remove Hosters

By using this method, remove irritating streams with the help of verification by just one tap. People who all are using few add-ons can use this method. Filtering the streams can be done by disabling the hosters and then find Ready to play Streams. Make sure to follow the below steps for getting the better outcome than expected.

  • At first, the user should go with right click on the add-on where the olpair kodi error is displayed.
  • Now, visit the settings from the menu and click playback which is on the left pane.
  • At last, click the toggle switch of Hoster with captcha displaying on the Right menu in order to disable the hosters using Captcha.

Method 3

IP Authorization using Olpair Server

This could be the best methods when it comes to authorizing the IP address. Let’s follow the steps to get IP authorized without hassles.

  • Make sure to enter the URL on the respective browser and get to find the exact IP using captcha verification.


  • Now, the user should solve the captcha to prove human and select pair.

openload pair

  • At last, Pairing successful will be appearing on the screen.

  • Now, it is the time to stream any type of contents for 4 hours without experiencing any difficulties.

What is Openload Pair or

The Openload is said to be the type of server that uploads all types of contents from movies, TV shows, and sports as well. Using the exodus video addons, the movies can be streamed on Kodi. At this stage, there is a chance of getting huge demand to watch the movies on Kodi and lead to a server crash. To avoid this issue, the stream authorization has been initiated. Now, it is important to pair the IP with openload pair and start to watch the streaming for next 4 hours. After that, again it is required to pair. It means that must be pairing IP with Openload server for every 4 hours to stream.

Important Note: or Openload pair Changed to So you can follow same procedure for

How to fix Openload Pair Kodi Error

  • Trying to stream the movie in exodus add-ons, then the pop-up appears and points out that it will take more time when it comes to loading all the servers.
  • Now, check all the servers which are present on video add-on exodus. By following the servers list, need to choose the Openload server. There will be an error which is displayed mainly indicating that stream authorization must be required.
  • Now, visit the website and find the IP address and click Active Streaming.
  • Solve the captcha and then tap on the option Pair. After the pairing is completed, there will be a message that appears on screen which points out the openload pairing is successfully done.
  • Finally, the IP is paired with Openload server and start to stream for next 4 hours. Once the 4 hours completed, get started to pair IP with server again.


These are the simple ways that help to sort it out and prevent Olpair or Openload pair Kodi error. Once get followed by these methods, it is easy for the users to stream the contents that whenever they want.

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