Kodi Streaming Pairing Guide (Fix Vshare eu Pair)

Fix Kodi Error: Hello Guys! Do you have interest in watching the favorite movies on your kodi application just like me? Are you facing an issue of http://vshare. eu/pair?  I am sure you already have an idea about this error if you are using any kodi application like Exodus. Don’t worry because today in this guide, I will tell you everything about error and how you can fix this vshare eu pair on your Kodi application. When you watch your favorite movie then it may happen that you will face a pop-up message which shows error called vshare eu pair. This error is in the form of a link. After getting this error on your kodi screen, you cannot see anything on your kodi application. So, it is compulsory to know how you can fix https //vshare. eu/pair error if you want to watch the movies.


When you open your kodi application then you will find the list of servers like vshare eu pair, olpair,, etc. You will face this type of error in popular kodi add-ons because these add-ons collect the movies from the servers. we will give you a solution through which you will easily solve vshare eu pair error but before discussing that you need to know more about this error.

vshare eu pair

What is Vshare eu pair(

As we all know that, when you want to watch a movie then server played an important role because kodi add-ons collect movies from many different servers. Out of these servers, Vshare eu pair is one of them. When you show the error of then it is mandatory to fix this error otherwise you cannot see your movie on add-on. Developers made this software of vshare through which you can solve your issues. When you open your kodi add-on then you will see the list of different servers. Suppose you tab on one of the servers then you may face the pop up of showing vshare eu pair error. Without solving this issue you cannot work on any of the servers. So let us discuss how to fix this issue.

How to Fix the error?

Here, we are describing you simple steps which helps you to solve the vshare eu pair error that you will face when you want to select any of the servers from the list of 10 servers. We divided the whole steps into parts which make you comfortable or easy to understand. Just follow the step by step procedure and you will definitely get rid of this error.

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Solve Vshare eu pair Kodi Streaming Authorization Paring

  • Open your kodi software.
  • Now, select Add-on from your kodi home screen.
  • Try to watch any movies or videos.
  • When you face the pop up on your kodi screen, then open the browser on any of the devices and paste the URL which is given here:
  • After paste, the URL, prove that you are not a Robot by solving the captcha on your screen.
  • You will see a Blue color button named ‘Active Streaming‘. Click on the button after solving a captcha.
  • You will find the message on your screen which shows you that your device is paired successfully.
  • Now your work is done. Get back to your kodi add-on and try to open again. You will not see the error.

One thing which I need to mention that sometimes when you pair your device then they will ask to enter your credit card details. Guys, it is just an add so do not type your personal details. If possible then add the extension of ad blocker on your system before following the above steps.

Isn’t it simple? Of course, it is so simple. But if you are still facing an error then try to follow the below steps:

Fix Through Hosters With Captchas

Follow below steps to fix Vshare pair stream authorization error.

  • Launch your Kodi software.
  • Reach on ‘Add-on’ on your kodi device.
  • Select the option of Video add-on and click on ‘Open any add-on’.
  • Hit on the ‘Settings’ option and then ‘Playback’ and ‘Turn off’ ‘Hosters with Captions’.
  • That’s it. You have successfully done with

You can now open your Kodi application and watch a movie for at most 4 hours because this will only work for four hours and after that, you need to pair(vshare eu pair) your device again. But I think it is fine for all of us because, in 4 hours, you can watch 2 movies. The website contains many adds so if you are using a computer or laptop to pair the device then it will be great to add the extension of ad blocker which acts as a wall for the adds.


So, this is all about the error and how to fix an error. Follow the above steps and watch movies on your Kodi application without getting any issue. If you want to know more about the similar errors like vshare eu pair then get in touch with us and follow us. We will provide you the best steps which help you to fix your error. If you have any type of suggestion for us or you want to share your opinion with us then write your views in our comment section.

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